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AppearanceView- Irori - Sunken hearth

Miyama City in Kyoto is known for having the highest number of thatched house in Japan. We renovated a thatched traditional house built over 200 years ago and made it into our inn, Suisen-an. Suisen-an is located on a rise of land so that you can enjoy the view of the water and the forest through the wide windows. Panoramic views from our inn will make you lose track of time. As if in the nature's embrace, you will be comforted by the sound of the river which runs by Suisen-an, plants, flowers, and the songs of birds.

Tsukubai - Water basin -CeilingSoymilk Nabe

Each season has its own beauty. Spring brings fresh greens and mountain vegetables, fireflies dance under the star-filled night sky in summer, every mountain is tinged with red and yellow in autumn, and winter snowy scenery with deer's cry reminds you ink brush paintings in winter. Whenever you come, you always find nature's beauty and you will be able to forget your busy everyday life for a while. It would be our pleasure if we could be a place where you felt most at home.


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